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Welcome to Cahuita

1pag_img1Cahuita National Park is located just south of the town of Cahuita, about 42 kilometers south of Limón, on the Caribbean coastline in one of the most beautiful and scenic regions in Costa Rica. Its main attractions are the white sand beaches fringed with endless coconut trees, a calm sea of transparent waters and the coral reefs just offshore.

The most attractive feature for divers is the underwater garden of marine life, including several types of coral, such as the brain and elkhorn coral. Also living in this medium are large numbers of very colorful tropical fish and invertebrates, like urchins, sea fans, angelfish, blue parrotfish, barracudas and stingrays, amongst others. There’s also a great variety of land and air animals, such as raccoons, crabs (land and water), howler monkeys, kingfishers, night herons, white-nosed coatis, frogs, toads and snakes.

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Cabinas Arrecife. Cahuita, Limón, Costa Rica.
Cahuita center, 100 meters  east  and  25  south  of the Police Agency.
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