Activities & Tours

Hike and Snorkeling in the Cahuita National Park
8:00 am & 9:00 am
37 per person
min 2 people

Snorkeling: This tour takes place in a boat, managed by its captain and guide, you can snorkel around the most important coral reef in Costa Rica. They are provided with equipment. Hike: After the snorkeling, you are offered a snack with tropical fruits of the season and water, to then start the second stage of the tour, which consists of the interpretive walk of the trail where you can see snakes, sloths , monkeys, raccoons, morphos butterflies, birds and medicinal plants, orchids, ferns, among others.

Aviarios del caribe: Lazy rescue center
8:45 am & 12:45 pm
2 hours
20 national
30 foreigners

Aviarios del Caribe is a Model Integral Center that works in the investigation, protection and rehabilitation of sloths. Tourists upon arrival at the sanctuary are welcomed and then will see a 12 minute video where they will learn about these enigmatic creatures. Then they will take a boat with capacity for 5 people, during 45 minutes they will travel through the Estrella River through the tropical vegetation. Finally, you can visit the craft shop that has a number of memories of the lazy.

Horseback Tour
9:00 a.m.
2 hours
RReservation: 1 day in advance
min 2 people
61 per person

This tour takes place in the village of Cahuita with Mr.Joe, the last authentic cowboy of the community, who is a local guide from the area, belonging to the last generation of inhabitants who, to move between the towns, did it on horseback through the paths before the road that today communicates with Puerto Limón existed. The activity is carried out with gentle and trained horses, which allows expert riders and beginners to practice the tour with great ease. The cavalcade is a mixture of nature and culture that takes us during the tour to gallop around the streets of Cahuita passing through Playa Negra and Playa Grande until we reach the Tuba Creek river mouth.
* Children policy: Suitable for children over 5 years, the horse is shared with an adult, up to 12 years pay 50%.